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With over 22 years of experience, our staff is passionate about ensuring your security and safety!

Together, our team and yours will collaborate to find the perfect solutions, customize your safe spaces, create an atmosphere supporting peace of mind all while intentionally becoming family during the process.

Our end goal is to become one of your trusted life partners. We are committed to you and your family and will ensure we will work hard to creating a universal design for all members of your family.

From the complicated and highly technical necessities to the smaller ones, rest assured that we have your very best interests in mind as we create your new space with our hands.

How does the process work?

  1. We begin by listening to your vision. Assessing the medical need.
  2. Determining the design that fits the space in question.
  3. Create your own personalized home dictation / overview.
  4. Create an estimate for the work being offered.
  5. Schedule your final review.
  6. Begin making your space safe.

Are you ready? Let’s create your perfect SafeSpace!